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Affiliated beaches

The Hotel Esedra is in agreement with two of the most modern and well equipped bathing establishments in Misano Adriatico: Speranzino no. 2 and Playuela no.12.

You can take advantage of a special price and all the services and activities that the two bathing establishments offer to their guests.

Also, the sea of Misano Adriatico is childproof, also certified by the awarding of the green flag, in recognition of the services and infrastructure suitable to the needs of children on holiday!

Relaxation and fun at all hours

Hope no. 2 and Playuela no.12

Esedra Hotel has a special agreement with the bathing establishments Hope no. 2 and Playuela no.12 Misano Adriatico.

The bathroom Hope offers many activities for all ages, while the bathroom Playuela is family-run and pet-friendly.
During the hours we spent on the beach, one can enjoy a relaxing swimming in the sea, drain them and add them to the fun sport sessions or entertained by the animation.
And in all of this, if you stay with us you will have all of this at a small price.

They're saying about us

Highly recommended
The stay with my family was exceptional. The cuisine was excellent every day, with the possibility to choose the menu. The service was impeccable. I will definitely stay there again. I highly recommend it

Filippo, 2019

Great location for couples and children
A great holiday with a nice clean room always in order, excellent reception staff always ready to help with any request, good and abundant food, strategic location near a supermarket pharmacy etc..

Stefano King, 2019

Courtesy and hospitality.
It almost feels like being at home because the staff is so courteous and makes you feel so comfortable that you feel like you've known them forever. Clean hotel and great, hearty food. It's 2 stars but for all the things it offers I give it a nice five stars. Very good!

Alberto C, 2018
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